The word consists of maximum 8 letters and is performed with jewels "Preciosa", cristal color. Each letter will consist of 8 to 21 jewels.

Follow the signs:

- Choose your leotard or other dress "GliElfi" and add to shopping cart

- Go to the section Accessories and add to cart the word you want (you have two options: an inscription composed of 5 letters or an inscription composed of 8 letters)

- During the purchase process, go in the "If you want to add a comment to your order, enter it below"

- Complete box specifying the text of the written and the location (example: text / LAURA position / BACK CENTRAL HIGH). If there are more items in the cart also specifies on which item should be done the writing.

- Conclude payment


- They will not accept returns of items customized if not found for factory defects.